Jody Lomeo: On the front lines of a health crisis

Photo credit Getty Images

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - "Don't risk it.  Don't go out. Stay at home."

That determined and emphatic plea is coming from the man who is on the front line of the battle against the coronavirus outbreak and navigating Kaleida Health facilities through the storm.

As Kaleida President and CEO Jody Lomeo joined Tom Bauerle on WBEN Thursday afternoon, there was a tension in his voice. 

"What we're seeing is really sick people."

Lomeo tells WBEN the numbers of coronavirus patients at Kaleida facilities is growing exponentially.  "From Friday to Monday night, we doubled the amount of cases that we saw," said Lomeo. "Our capacity is getting more and more limited by the day."

But when asked about the so-called apex or peak for the Buffalo and Western New York region, Lomeo told Bauerle "We're somewhat comfortable that we can do this with the surge plan we put into place."

While nobody knows for sure when that apex will occur locally, Lomeo's best guidance puts it at anywhere from seven to 14 days.

Lomeo is pleading with the public to continue to do its part in adhering to the social distancing guidelines put forth by the CDC and White House Task Force.