NFTA Transit Police Officer Tests Positive for COVID-19

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Photo credit NFTA Metro Rail stationed inside the DL&W Terminal. January 10, 2019 (WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman)

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The NFTA reports a transit police officer has tested positive for coronavirus.

A spokesperson says the officer was last at work on Saturday, March 28th and had very limited contact with the public.

The NFTA worked with the Erie County Health Department in its investigation and it was determined that only one other employee was in contact, and in an abundance of caution, the other employee was sent home. The officer who tested positive is self-quarantined at home and is recovering well, with minor symptoms.

This is the fourth confirmed case at the NFTA, and the first police officer.

Meanwhile the coronavirus toll on first responders in the city of Buffalo continues to grow.

Mayor Byron Brown reports 24 Firefighters have tested positive for the virus, and 52 others are out on administrative leave as aprecautionary measure. 

Seventeen Buffalo Police Officers have tested positive, while 25 officers are out on administrative leave according to the Mayor.

Services in Buffalo remain unaffected; there’s still enough staff to respond to any needs by the community and cleaning crews continue to perform deep cleaning at all firehouses and police stations.

“We will continue to take whatever precautions are necessary to maintain and protect the health and safety of our First Responders", said Brown.