Poloncarz Presents Proposal to Address COVID19 Deficit


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz today announced his 2020 COVID-19 Budget Deficit Remediation Plan to address a projected $137.8 million pandemic-related deficit in the county’s 2020 budget. Poloncarz says his plan identifies seven key measures, including usage of some fund balance and close-outs of some capital projects, to bridge the gap caused by significant losses in sales tax, hotel occupancy taxes, and other revenue generators since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

"Putting this plan together required input from county Commissioners and Department Heads as well as from elected officials and other offices. It was not easy but I would like to thank all who participated and offered constructive ideas to help move the county forward through these unprecedented times,” says Poloncarz. “These gap-closing measures are a mix of things that we can do at the county level, including using some fund balance, making departmental cuts, and closing out some projects. However, federal funding like the CARES Act is also a key component to addressing this issue. Erie County, like counties nationwide, needs another round of federal stimulus to help our economic recovery and I urge the President to work with House and Senate leadership to pass another package. If they do so we can avoid the many proposed cuts to services and staff.

Poloncarz says the plan includes: 
  • 2019 Carry Forward: $29 million
  • Fund Balance Usage: $25.15 million
  • Capital Project Close-Out: $4.6 million
  • Fringe Savings: $8 million
  • Unanticipated Healthcare Savings and Rebates: $16 million
  • CARES Act Cost Shifts: $15 million
  • Departmental Cuts: $40 million

THREAD: Today, I submitted to the Legislature a plan to address a projected budget deficit for @ErieCountyNY due to the Covid-19 crisis. We originally projected a $220 million deficit due to the loss of revenue from the crisis; it is now projected to be $138 million. 1/ pic.twitter.com/uqcTZPPU8o

— Mark Poloncarz (@markpoloncarz) June 4, 2020