Pothole Repair Work Begins Today in Buffalo

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Photo credit WBEN Photo/Matt Moran

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) With springtime comes that dreaded road hazard that gives drivers headaches and our vehicles' suspensions quite the workout: potholes. Repaving projects are set to begin in the city of Buffalo Monday.

Geary says highway crews are essential, so they're conducting social distancing, so that means arriving to work on a pothole in separate vehicles, instead of being in one. Geary says crews are also wearing masks on the job. "The good side is traffic volume is down, so it's safer for our work force," notes Geary. With less traffic, you'd think crews could easily get to work on the potholes. Not quite, says Geary. "Our funding and essential projects we're constantly looking at. Sales tax revenues are way down, so we're looking at everything from a financial aspect to try and fight the COVID19 response, but at the same time address road concerns, too," says Geary.

Geary says he'd like to tackle three streets in Cheektowaga: Wehrle from Harlem to Aero; William from the city line to the 90, and Pine Ridge from Walden to Maryvale.