Questions continue over future of malls, gyms, cinemas

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Photo credit McKinley Mall on June 15, 2018 (WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman)

State officials emphasize their desire to protect public health during the coronavirus pandemic. Governor Cuomo on Monday took a hard stance on malls.

"NASA has studied these HEPA filters, which are high efficiency particulate air filters, that can filter out the COVID virus,” Cuomo said Monday. “Any malls that will open in New York, we will make it mandatory they have air filtration systems that can filter out the COVID virus. For many of these systems, it depends on what filter you install.”

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, who is heading the reopening efforts in Western New York, said the rise in coronavirus cases in other parts of the country “scares” her and other officials.

“If we followed on the regular course we probably would have included (other industries) in the categories if other states had stayed in the numbers they were at two months ago or a month ago,” Hochul said. “Now, we see that this is affecting young people more than others. They’re the ones who gather in movie theatres, go to the malls, they want to socialize. They’re hard wired to do this and they are now vulnerable to succumbing to this disease or spreading it to others.”

Grade schools will not begin until early-September. They were not included in the first stage of the final reopening phase, though colleges and other higher education is allowed to begin. Hochul urged all educational institutions to prepare for reopening both in person and for at home.

“We just don’t know,” Hochul said about grade schools.

A civil lawsuit among gym owners, frustrated over their inability to open, is reportedly forthcoming. Hochul said she’s confident the state would win that lawsuit given their mission is public safety.

“I think gyms…are one of the riskier types of activities,” Russo said. “The reason is twofold…In gyms, when people are exercising hard, they’re either going to be reluctant to wear masks. When you exercise hard, you generate a lot more respiratory secretions that go a lot further.”

Russo said that gyms are the most dangerous between malls and movie theatres.

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