Sahlen Field ready to host Toronto Blue Jays

"(Tuesday) will be a big sports day for Buffalo," Mayor Byron Brown said. "A big day for the City of Buffalo, a big day for Bob and Mindy Rich, the longtime owners of the Buffalo Bisons and Bisons organization, and a big day for the people of Buffalo and Western New York."

PHOTOS: Major League transformation at Sahlen Field

Fans will be unable to attend MLB games this season, including the home games at Sahlen Field. There is fencing which will prevent the public from trying to view games from the outside. Buffalo Police will also be on hand to stop people from attempting to congregate outside the stadium for any tailgates. Police will also close some of the roads around the stadium whenever players travel to and from the ballpark.

Marnie Starkman, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Operations for the Toronto Blue Jays, said the Blue Jays put a "significant" amount into Sahlen Field, but already planned to invest in the stadium because it would host the team's taxi squad.

"What we're leaving here will help the Bisons and help our Triple-A players that are coming through here for the years to come," Starkman said.