Suburban and Catholic schools open doors & portals

Students fill classrooms to begin new school year
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Lewiston and Tonawanda N.Y. (WBEN) "We're ready to go," said Lewiston-Porter Central Superintendent Paul Casseri, just before the arrival of students on the first day of school Tuesday. 

Lew-Port is offering hybrid and remote learning. "We have a little over two thousand students and about three-hundred have opted to go all virtual." He considers that a manageable number. 

Lew-Port is divided into 2 teams, green and white groups (the school colors).  Each group will report to school two days a week.

On the first day, Casseri said they need to figure out drop offs and pickups, with more families driving their kids, than in previous years.  

"This morning at the high school and at the middle school, we have new routing for drop offs. We want to make sure it moves as smoothly as possible. But it's going to take more time to sort out," he said.

"Out of 500 students, 35 have chosen remote learning. The rest are getting 5 day a week in-person learning," said Kapperman.

Class size has been capped at twenty. But Kapperman says with the remote option, many classes are well below twenty.

Enrollment has increased at St. Amelia's due to the 5-day in person learning. "We've had a lot more interest in our school and many other Catholic schools as well. Many schools have a waiting list because classes are capped at twenty," said Kapperman. 

Every desk at St. Amelia's has a partition and desks are spaced six feet apart. Students are required to wear masks.