Taxes: Do it Yourself or Leave it to the Pros?

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Gulyas said if you have children under the age of 17, you're a happy camper because you get $2-thousand dollars for each child as a credit.  But if you're an outside sales person with an office at home, or if you went to school to continue your education, or if you pay large brokerage fees, instead of personal exemptions for yourself and your spouse, you now get a family credit of 500 dollars per dependant. She said we can't really see what will happen until it all shakes out.

The ongoing government shutdown is expected to have an impact on taxes. "The IRS is going to be able to receive tax returns," said Gulyas, but there is going to be a problem priocessing refunds". 

Returns are still due by April 15th, but you may have to wait longer to get a refund.

Matt also learned you can use the cost of having a preparer file your return as a deduction on the following year's returns.