The Road to Recovery for Martin Gugino

Gugino shoved
Photo credit (Mike Desmond/WBFO via AP

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Buffalo area peace activist Martin Gugino continues his recovery after sustaining serious injuries following being pushed to the sidewalk by police in Buffalo during a protest a week ago.  Kelly Zarcone, an attorney speaking for Gugino, says his condition is improving day by day.

The head injuries to Gugino are significant, says one head trauma expert. He says recovery will take some time.

"It appears he had a closed head injury, traumatic in nature, based on the bleeding he had a base of the skull fracture, and the concern is that he had a loss of consciousness," says Dr. Laszlo Mechtler of Dent Neurologic Institute. "The fact he did not have surgery shows me he did not have a subdural or epidural, which is good. The question is does he have brain injury, and I don't know that." 

Mechtler says recovery will take some time. "A base of the skull fracture usually takes weeks, two months to heal," explains Mechtler. "The first part of it is pain relief. The second is if he didn't suffer brain injury, his rehab should be straightforward, getting him back on his feet, strengthening him, taking care of his headaches."

Another question is what other complications from the fracture could occur. "There are many including spinal fluid leaks through the ear, neck injury, and post concussion thinking and memory issues," notes Mechtler. He says an MRI can look at the brain and help determine what the future will hold. "He's on the right road to recovery because he's in rehab," notes Mechtler.

Mechtler says everything is dependent on the MRI and CT evaluations. "In general, the older you are, the more likely you may have complications, so you have to wait and see but there's every reason to be hopeful that he will have a significant clinical recovery," says Mechtler.