Three Sisters Sentenced for Abusing Their Father in Years-Long Ordeal

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Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Three daughters found guilty of assaulting and terrorizing their own father were each sentenced to two years in prison.

A State Supreme Court Judge sentenced 41 year old Elissa Pietrocarlo, 31 year old Grace Pietrocarlo, and 23 year old Annabel Pietrocarlo, to two years behind bars, plus three years of post-release supervision.

All three were convicted of one count of Assault in the Second Degree after a bench trial in May.

"The max was seven years here, and we asked for the full seven years," Erie County District Attorney John Flynn told WBEN. "All I wanted to do was to be able to show the victim, the father, that someone believed him. For 20 years no one ever believed the father. I wanted to be able to show the father that his three daughters were going to go to jail for what they did to him."

The three sisters, while acting in concert with each other, intentionally caused physical injury to their 71-year-old father inside their home on North Creek Road in the Town of Hamburg. All co-defendants repeatedly committed acts over an extended period of time to intentionally place their father in fear of physical injury.

After years of mental and physical abuse, his daughter Annabel then choked the victim from behind, forced him to the ground, and took $1,100 in cash from the victim’s pocket in 2017.

Once the victim was on the floor, all three sisters repeatedly kicked and punched him. When the attack stopped and the defendants left the house, the victim crawled from the kitchen to his pickup truck that was parked in the driveway. He struggled to get into the vehicle and had to stop twice due to the severe pain, but he managed to drive himself to Mercy Hospital in Orchard Park. He was treated for a fractured rib and a bruised spleen.

"Just the overall nature of this was not only bizarre, but just horrific," Flynn said. "We're talking about daughters doing this to their father. When you have daughters doing that to their father for this extended period of time, there's only one place on this earth where they need to go, and that's jail. And that's what they got today."