WNY set to go to phase four Tuesday

Andrew Cuomo

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Governor Cuomo says WNY can move ahead with phase four tomorrow, but don't expect malls to reopen immediately.

Cuomo says as WNY can move ahead, New York City cannot enter phase three just yet. "Phase three would begin on Monday, but there are issues we have to think through. On is, there's a lack of compliance in New York City," notes Cuomo, citing crwods not socially distanced and not wearing masks.

As for malls, Cuomo says there are air filters that can help with the COVID virus. "NASA has studied these HEPA filters, which are high efficiency particulate air fitlers, that can filter out the COVID virus. Any malls that will open in New York, we will make it mandatory they have air filtration systems that can filter out the COVID virus. For many of these systems, it depends on what filter you install," says Cuomo.