Fat Tuesday and the Fish Fry Frenzy

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With Fat Tuesday looming, this may be the ideal time to ramp up your exercise routine and renew that prescription for your statin drug.

Before many of us decide to go meatless for Lent starting on Ash Wednesday, tomorrow is Mardi Gras and in WNY that day is synonymous with Paczki Day. Dollars to donuts, I’m betting that the radio station bistro will have boxes of these decadent treats made with a rich dough enveloping jelly or cream and covered in powdered sugar. Popular in Polish cuisine, Paczki have become mainstream in this area and can be found in many bakeries and supermarkets.

The next day look for the fish fry frenzy to begin since many Christians opt to avoid meat during this sacred time of year. It’s also a social time since the Lenten season offers many of us a chance to break bread – rye and otherwise - with members of the community, whether it be in a church hall, a fast-food restaurant or white-linen bistro.

As a number of religious leaders have noted, the fish fry is a great way to feed “one’s soul and one’s belly” while enjoying a shared meal and an annual tradition that has endured for years.

What traditions do you observe?

Which place has the best fish fry in this area?