Food Trends for The New Year

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If you’re like me and like to take pictures of your food and beverages, chances are we will be aiming our cameras at a few new and interesting dishes and drinks in the New Year.

Since many resolutions focus on eating better, let’s start with some vegetable trends:

Seaweed: healthy, tasty, and environmentally sound.

Mushrooms:  No longer just for salads or omelets, mushrooms are being blended into meat to make a healthier burger and are expected to be found in some unlikely places: teas, desserts, jerky and even cocktails, according to a report in the Washington Post.

Peas: This plant-based protein will pop up on store shelves for a quick way to enhance stir-fries, salads and like mushrooms, blended into other meats and veggie burgers.

For folks who can’t tolerate dairy, would you believe food forecasters are predicting that Banana Milk will be a hit? Already naturally sweet, the milk carries the same amount of potassium as a banana. Nut milks are expected to continue to be popular, along with – wait for it – Pea Milk!

Raise a glass to trends in alcohol this year: breakfast cocktails will continue to be popular, but lighter and natural vino and drinks with less or even no alcohol are expected to be served up. Instead, look for drinks containing craft spirits, botanicals, and shrubs as bartenders go the non-traditional route.