‘Jeopardy!’ contestant tearfully thanks Alex Trebek for impacting his life as a child


What is a tearjerker moment?

A “Jeopardy!” contestant became overwhelmed with emotion while thanking host Alex Trebek for the effect he had on him as a child.

On Thursday’s episode of the classic game show, contestant Burt Thakur, who wound up a champion with a $20,400 win, began to tear up as he shared how Trebek impacted his life.

"You know, here's a true story, man. I grew up, I learned English because of you," Thakur told Trebek. "And so, my grandfather, who raised me — I'm gonna get tears right now — I used to sit on his lap and watch you every day so it's a pretty special moment for me, man."

Wiping away tears, Thakur concluded by adding, "Thank you very much."

The clip was shared by the game show’s official Twitter account with the caption: "Alex's impact is immeasurable. Thank you for sharing, Burt!"

Afterwards, Thakur elaborated further on the specialness of the moment.

"To win something money can't buy was an indescribable experience,” he tweeted. “To be in such a diverse contest makes me proud to be an immigrant and an #American. If you watched me, will you take a bit of my smile and joy & share that with someone?"

The touching interaction comes less than a month since Trebek was left completely shocked by another rare outcome on the long-running show.

During the recent Final Jeopardy! segment, only one player remained to play.

Returning champion Kevin Walsh was the only one eligible to compete in the final part of the game

His two fellow contestants ended their portion of the game with either a zero balance or a deficit and could not continue on.

Trebek wasted no time calling out the unusual circumstance.

"Stage looks like a very lonely place right now. I cannot recall the last time we had only one player in Final Jeopardy,” the Emmy-winning host said as Walsh stood all by himself.

There’s never a dull moment on “Jeopardy!”

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