Gyms say they're doing well a month after reopening

Gyms cite efforts to be cleaner and safer

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) It's been a month since Governor Cuomo allowed gyms to reopen. A pair of local gyms say they're slowly regaining memberships.

"It's been a little bit of a slow start," says Connie Emmerling of BAC for Women. "We have been inviting our members to see what we've done. We have done more than what's needed for social distancing. Our equipment is 10 feet apart. We have upgraded our cleaning products. It's very safe and everyone tells us they feel very safe there and the mask isn't as bad as they thought." Emmerling says she's enrolled new members, which she says was a pleasant surprise credited to word of mouth from members who have checked things out.

For those still hesitant, "We are still providing outdoor class options for members and non-members for a place to work out," says Debbie Hastings of the BAC for Women.

Hastings anticipates increased membership as the weather gets colder. "I think a lot of our members are taking advantage of the really nice weather we've been having by taking walks and riding bikes will eventually return to the gym," says Hastings. "We are hoping throughout time the state will update guidelines and allow more people into the gym, and increase capacity for group exercises and the club itself."

Over at Jada Blitz Fitness, Ashley Draper says she's been able to display new protocols to ensure the facility is safe and sanitary. "We've been able to capture new members, people looking to switch to a cleaner facility," says Draper, who does admit she's lost some other members who are taking care of elderly family members.

Draper is launching a new platform of new online and virtual classes going into the winter if they don't feel comfortable about going into the facility yet. "We would love to be at the level we were pre-COVID. We're doing everything we can in offering smaller and more frequent classes during the week," says Draper.