Buffalo Schools consider "random testing" of coronavirus for students and staff

Buffalo Schools to begin addressing potential return to classrooms in early-October
Empty library at Buffalo Public School 92. September 8, 2020
Empty library at Buffalo Public School 92. September 8, 2020 Photo credit WBEN/Mike Baggerman

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash is advocating for random testing of students, teachers, and staff when the district returns to in-classroom learning in the future.

The district has not said when exactly they will return to hybrid learning. Administration at the district will begin discussions about whether to phase-in a hybrid model on October 7, when Dr. Cash will present their reopening plan, but have not definitively said when, or even if, students will return to the classroom this year.

"While you can't test everybody every day - I think that would be expensive and impractical - but I do think we can do random tests on a regular basis on both our staff population and student population," Cash told Peter Hunt on WBEN on Saturday. "I'm pushing hard for that and expect to hear something fairly soon about the support before that. We can't afford it out of our budget, but I think that if we work together and put pressure on, if you want schools to start and you want the businesses to open up in our economy, then there are some unfunded mandates that will need to be funded."

It's not clear how much support random testing has among district officials.

A phone call to Buffalo Teacher's Federation President Phil Rumore was not immediately returned.