Poloncarz says highest single day COVID19 hospitalizations Wednesday

"One of the worst days we’ve seen with regard to COVID-19"

Bufflao, NY (WBEN) Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz says it will be a tough time for all of America the next few weeks as coronavirus cases rise especially in Erie County.

Poloncarz says Wednesday was one of the worst days for COVID19 in Erie County with regard to cases, with 771 positive case that day alone. 379 patients hospitalized on Wednesday was the highest single day total for that category as well.

Poloncarz characterized Wednesday, saying, "One of the worst days we’ve seen with regard to COVID-19."

The county executive still warns the public that those who are not adhering to public health guidelines of wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding crowds are jeopardizing the community as a whole. "There are reports of people not wearing masks in stores. That is not good," says Poloncarz. He adds people are catching COVID19 from family members.

Erie County data shows there have been 869 deaths attributed to COVID-19 through November 29th, nine deaths were recorded on December 2nd.

"We’ve had a significant uptick in deaths in month of November, with the vast majority of them occurring in the last two weeks," Poloncarz stated.

The COVID-19 vaccine should begin to become available for the highest risk populations by the end of the year, however officials warn we are not protested as of yet.

"There's no COVID vaccine yet in our community, but there is an abundance of flu vaccine in our community," says Erie County Health Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein. She says getting both COVID and the flu could be deadly.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has questioned the safety of a vaccine that would be distributed during the Trump Presidency, but Poloncarz says he won't allow politics to get in the way of vaccine distribution.

Poloncarz tells WBEN he would welcome the vaccine for himself it were to become available, regardless of who is in the oval office.

"The date’s not going to matter, it’s when it becomes available to myself.”