NOAA Sends in an All-Female Crew to Scout Hurricane Dorian

All-female crew crew tracks Dorian for NOAA
Photo credit Photo courtesy of NOAA
By Connecting Vets

(Connecting Vets) - Hurricane Dorian is no match for this crew.

For the first time, an all-female crew conducted a hurricane reconnaissance mission for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

For seven hours, Capt. Kristie Twining, Cmdr. Rebecca Washington and Lt. Lindsey Norman flew into the heart of Hurricane Dorian, sending back data on the storm’s location and strength, according to

Flying a NOAA Lockheed WP-3D Orion four-engine turboprop aircraft, the crew deployed instruments that measured the storm’s pressure, humidity, temperature, wind direction, and speed. The instruments also provided NOAA scientists with a “detailed look at the structure of the storm and its intensity," according to the agency.

NOAA hurricane hunter
Photo credit NOAA

Waddington and Twining were part of the first all-female crew to take part in a hurricane hunting mission last year, according to NOAA.

Forecasters expect Dorian to hit the U.S. mainland sometime late Monday night or early Tuesday morning as a Cat 4 hurricane packing 130 mile-an-hour winds. Florida Gov Ron DeSantis ordered the mobilization of 2,000 National Guard troops Friday, with 4,000 to be mobilized by the end of Saturday. DeSantis and President Donald Trump are also in touch about the storm.

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