South Carolina salons busy, cautious on first day back open

By News Talk 1110 & 99.3 WBT

Salons in South Carolina re-opened today and several North Carolina residents made the journey across the stateline in order to get a haircut.

One Tar Heel State citizen told WBT Radio he did just that.

“Fired up the phone, went on to the check in online and it said I could check in after 9:05,” the resident who identified himself as Patrick told WBT Radio. “I did it right at 9:06 and had a 144 minute wait time so I guess I wasn’t the only one thinking this”

Patrick told WBT he was somewhat worried about safety as he has an underlying condition but said his “haircut’s long overdue.”

“We’ll wear a mask and take it as it comes,” he said.

Patrick said he supported North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic but thought it was time for hair salons to reopen in his home state.

“I don’t see why it can open down here and we can’t open up there,” he said.​