CMS Board of Education approve in-person learning by 6-3 vote

Remote learning
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By News Talk 1110 & 99.3 WBT

A plan to usher students back to class for in-person learning in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district was set on Wednesday night. The CMS Board of Education held a special meeting to discuss a transition from remote to in-person instruction and passed a motion by a 6-3 vote.  

"I knew there were six votes for it and I did vote against it on principal because it's not the timeline I agreed with," Board member Rhonda Cheek told Bo Thompson on Thursday.

CMS high school students won't be back in the classroom until next year. It was troublesome to Cheek and others that schools wouldn't open back up all at once across the board. 

"I'm sorry. That's all I can tell people. I'm sorry this is not what I wanted. I will say though that our high school students are probably doing the best with the remote (learning) because that is something they're more accustomed to and more self-directed."   

Here's what the four phase plan looks like for students.  

Phase 1: Pre-K return October 12

Phase 2: Kindergarten-5th grade return November 2

Phase 3: 6th grade-8th grade return November 23

Phase 4: All High School return December 14 for testing and Jan. 5 for normal classes  

*All groups except Pre-K will be on a rotational schedule. 

The CMS announcement came prior to Governor Cooper announcing 'Plan A' yesterday. The option which offers in-person learning for elementry-aged students come October. 

Listen to the entire interview with Rhonda Cheek below.