Rhonda Cheek Details School Board's Emergency Meeting

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By News Talk 1110 & 99.3 WBT

The CMS Board held an emergency meeting Wednesday afternoon to discuss a plan to reopen schools. Deliberations lasted around six hours.

Board member Rhonda Cheek joined WBT's Thursday Morning News for a follow-up regarding the emergency meeting. Originally the board had two options to choose from: Plans 'B' and 'C;' plan 'A' had already been taken off the table.

N.C. Governor Roy Cooper provided some amendments to guidelines, helping CMS to arrive at 'Plan B Plus Remote,' which means students will attend for two weeks, then back to remote learning.

Cheek expressed dissatisfaction in the decision, and apoligized to "parents that were really expecting to go back with 'Plan B' like the Governor reccomended." 

The boared ended with a 7-1 vote, including an abstension from Cheek. "A no vote told my staff that I still don't have any confidence in them, so I voted to abstain," Cheek explained.

In closing, Cheek discussed the risk in both remote learning as well as traditional classroom instruction.