FDA Commissioner Steve Hahn Ensures Top Priority In Vaccine Testing Is Safety

Office of FDA Commissioner / Public domain
Photo credit Office of FDA Commissioner / Public domain
By News Talk 1110 & 99.3 WBT

Bo Thompson spoke to FDA Commissioner Steve Hahn Friday on WBT's Morning News.

Thompson opened up the interview asking Hahn about a coronavirus vaccine. The Commissioner confidently replied his "job is to ensure the safety of the vaccine" and the FDA "won't cut corners."

Hahn also addressed vaccine effectiveness, saying "everyone wants 100% effective, that doesn't really happen in medicine." He went on to say that "50% is just a floor," and that's simply an initial benchmark, not the final goal.

Thompson pivoted to the topic of hydroxycholoroquine, and whether or not doctors can prescribe it for Covid-19. Hahn reminded listeners that the "FDA doesn't regulate the practice of medicine" and such decisions are "completely in the domain of a doctor-patient relationship."

Hahn closed the interview discussing the mortality rate, noting the medical community is "in a much different place from a treatment point of view."

Full interview below.