Fitness instructors left without jobs due to COVID-19 launch new outdoor, online studio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — It's a story that's common today: some local fitness studios have decided to close for good after being closed for months due to COVID-19.

But two fitness instructors are finding a way to persist, after a beloved wellness center they worked together at for 10 years decided to shut its doors permanently.

Alyssa Beerger said the closure of Twisters Wellness Center in Ambler wasn't something they were prepared for.

"During the pandemic, they closed the physical location, switched to virtual only and then by the end of the summer they decided to no longer continue with virtual as well," she said.

Beerger and her then-co-worker Michele Doloway taught barre, pilates, and yoga at Twisters for nearly a decade. So it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to that chapter in such an abrupt manner.

"We didn't know this was going to happen. Everything shut down in March, we didn't really get to say goodbye, we didn't get to have a last class. We didn't have a lot of choice or say in the matter," she explained. "To this moment, it's still sad. We really loved our community there and we loved working at Twisters, and they've been really good to us.”

Still, Beerger and her now-business partner Doloway were intent on safely bringing fitness and belonging to communities. So they came up with a plan.

For now, they're taking advantage of the nice weather using local parks and Doloway's outdoor property for classes. There's also another option for folks who want to stay at home.

"We do offer livestream classes and the option to purchase recorded classes to download and keep forever," Beerger said.

The new outdoors and virtual studio is called FlowFit. Beerger says they're catering to their clientele and trying to meet the versatile fitness needs of each individual who wants to stay in shape and empowered during a pandemic.

While the dynamic duo is thankful for the supportive clients they've built over the years, which have become the foundation for their new business venture, they're also looking for ways to reach even more people.

"It is our passion for fitness. We are both so passionate about the wellbeing of others, the benefits you get from mindfulness and movement. That's what keeps pushing us forward."

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