Ice Cube defends working with Trump WH on 'Platinum Plan' for Black Americans


President Trump has an unlikely ally in rap star Ice Cube.

Unbeknownst to many, Cube has been working with the Trump camp on the what’s been called the “Platinum Plan” for Black Americans.

The plan pledges to address access to capital for new businesses, criminal justice reform, long-term funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, health disparities, wage gaps and necessary education reforms. Additionally, the plan earmarks an increase in access to capital in Black communities by almost $500 billion, by creating 500,000 Black-owned businesses and 3 million new jobs for the Black community.

Cube, 51, posted a video to Twitter Sunday, seeming to confess his connection to Trump. Titled “Don’t Kill the Messenger,” Cube explained his work on the plan.

Who knows what’s really gonna happen?”

“I just know one of them is gonna win … I don’t know if can really matter to us, we gotta just push whoever’s in there, because ain’t nobody really solved our problems,” he says, addressing the black community. “People say we can’t take another four years of this — black people, s–t, we can take anything.”

“Joe Biden, the Democrats, I believe they owe us,” Cube adds. “Will they do right by us at the end of the day — who knows?”

In July, Cube called on politicians to sign his "Contract with Black America," which laid out 13 areas for improvement in criminal justice issues.

With Ice Cube's help, the president’s administration took aspects of the CWBA into the White House’s “Platinum Plan."