Trevor Sikkema weighs in on the growth the Panthers rookies are already showing through 4 weeks


The Senior Draft Analyst for The Draft Network covering College Football and the NFL joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to asses the Panthers after 4 games, and if this QB class in the 2021 Draft as deep as it is perceived to be.

Trevor first reacted to last night's Thursday Night Football game which saw the Bears edge out the Buccaneers 20-19 as Trevor said it was a classic Thursday Night Football game where nothing made sense. On a serious note, Trevor said that the offensive coaching staff did a good job putting the Buccaneers defense on their heels and had them guessing the whole game.

Kyle then asked Trevor what his main takeaways have been from the Panthers after 4 games as Trevor reminded Kyle that he said that the Panthers were going to be in every game this year and that the players and the staff are just not overthinking and are relaxed and getting more confident at what they are doing.

Kyle also wanted Trevor to give his evaluations of some of the Panthers rookies as Trevor told Kyle that the jury isn't out for these guys as they are very talented from Chinn to Derrick Brown, but Trevor is encouraged to see the progression already with a guy like Derrick Brown who was nearly unplayable in the first 2 games, but has flipped the switch in the last 2 games.

Before the end of the conversation Kyle asked Trevor if any QB has entered near the top-tier and how deep the 2021 draft will be for QB's as Trevor answered:

"This QB class is gonna get fun at the very top because it isn't that deep of a group right now and if you don't get a Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, or even a Kyle Trask I don't know if you're getting an impact QB this year."