House Passes Coronavirus Aid Bill, But Senate Is Away

Schumer at his Midtown office
Photo credit Steve Burns/WCBS 880
By WCBS Newsradio 880

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is demanding that Senate Republicans act quickly in passing the latest coronavirus aid package—but the Senate won't reconvene until Monday.

The House passed a second coronavirus emergency bill early Saturday and President Donald Trump said he’d sign it, but by that time Senate members had already left Washington, D.C.

“Leader Mitch McConnell should never have skipped town, should never have let the Senate recess,” Schumer said Saturday at his Midtown office.

The bill is the second coronavirus emergency measure and aims to help people suffering physically, financially or emotionally from the coronavirus outbreak.

It includes provisions for free coronavirus testing and more food assistance. It also strengthens unemployment aid and established a paid-on-leave program.

“There’s 14 days of sick leave. You get full payment. And then there is three months of family leave,” Schumer said.

While Schumer emphasized speed, McConnell said in a statement that the Senate will “carefully review the measure.” He added that most senators appear to agree that quick action is needed.