Broadway Star Pays Tribute To Health Care Workers With Nightly Serenade

By WCBS Newsradio 880
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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — The nightly clap for our health care workers is getting an extra boost on Manhattan's Upper West Side thanks to a Tony Award-winning Broadway star.

As the cacophony subsides every night, Brian Stokes Mitchell leans out his apartment window and sings "The Impossible Dream."

"It's not a song about doing the impossible or trying to do the impossible, which would be a bad choice of a song right now, it's a song about trying, period," said Mitchell.

This is his tribute to health care and essential workers, but it's also to boost the spirits of everyone.

"Sometimes hearing a song puts you on the right track again or puts you in a happy, joyful space," said Mitchell.

The Broadway star was himself diagnosed with COVID-19.

"It felt like I was hit by a truck," said Mitchell, who has since recovered.

As he recovered, Mitchell was exercising his lungs.

Brian Stokes Mitchell

"I would vocalize every day and I started getting stronger and stronger and then one day I just kind of spontaneously started singing 'The Impossible Dream' out the window," Mitchell said. "I have to remember the power of art and its ability to connect us all and to make us feel better."

His nightly performances are now drawing a crowd.

Brian Stokes Mitchell was our guest on this week's In Depth podcast. Hear the full conversation above.
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