'No One Cares': Mom Heartbroken Over Lack Of Activity At Autistic Son’s Care Facility

By WCBS Newsradio 880
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RIVERHEAD, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — A Long Island mother raised issue on Friday with her son’s group home that has stopped all activities since the coronavirus pandemic began. 

Nina Valdez says her 23-year-old son with autism is no longer thriving in his group home now that the facility has essentially stopped all programs and activities due to the pandemic. 

“We could FaceTime him, he looks jaundice, his color’s bad, his eyes are fleeting. He’s rocking, he’s making noises, he’s doing things that he hasn’t done,” she explains. 

Her 23-year-old son lives in a facility in Suffolk County, and before the pandemic, Valdez says he was active in the community. 

The mother explains he would participate in volunteer work, such as Meals on Wheels, and would receive regular therapy. 

Now, she says he is doing nothing, and she’s concerned he may regress in his progress. 

“My mental state – I’m so concerned 24/7,” Valdez tearfully told WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall. 

Her son is also not allowed to return home to visit – which is something he would do every other weekend – because he would not be allowed to return to a group setting over health concerns. 

“They won’t let me bring him home, it’s so stupid,” Valdez said. “And they don’t care, no one cares. I just see how people don’t care and I get it, we’re in a pandemic, but after seven weeks, eight weeks, we should have figured some things out.”

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