Poll: Americans Give Trump Low Grade In Handling Of Pandemic

Photo credit Kevin Dietsch/Pool/Sipa USA
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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — President Donald Trump is getting low grades from the public for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new Monmouth University Poll released Thursday.

"We're finding that the public is not really happy with the way things are going with the coronavirus handling," said pollster Patrick Murray. "52% in fact said we're doing a worse job than other countries in getting this under control. Just 15% think we're doing a better job and I think that's one of the reasons why we find that over 7 in 10 Americans think that the country is on the wrong track and that's a record number that we've been seeing for the past few months on that question. It's all about COVID right now.”

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As for the president's job approval rating – which had been holding steady – Murray says that has been going negative now, after being fairly even at the beginning of the outbreak.

“Right now it's down to just 41% who approve of the job that he's doing, 40% approved specifically of the job he's doing on COVID, 57% disapprove of that and I think that's really the key right now, is that everything that revolves around the president is about the handling of the pandemic,” Murray explains.

Meanwhile, governors across the country have been a beacon of hope for many Americans. They normally receive approval ratings in the 70 and 60 percentile, but there’s been a slight decrease as the pandemic drags on.

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“It’s still positive at 57% rating that governors are doing a good job on this – but that’s a number that have been coming down. I think it’s because people are getting tired of dealing with this and wondering why we can’t dig out of this like other countries have,” Murray said.

Despite the continued pandemic, stay at home orders and vast new way of life, the poll did find that Americans are hopeful that life can go back to normal.

“I think people are optimistic for their own outcomes at the end,” Murray said. “Or at least hopeful that they’re gonna get their lives back to normal once this is over. But the question is when will that happen?”

He notes that very few Americans are confident that the country will be able to get the coronavirus outbreak under control anytime soon. 

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