Residents Frustrated With PSEG Long Island After A Week In The Dark


WOODBURY, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — More than 70,000 residents across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were without power on Tuesday morning, 1 week after Tropical Storm Isaias.

On Long Island, nearly 28,000 people were in the dark in the morning and WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall spoke with residents who were frustrated by the lack of communication from PSEG Long Island.

Robin Kleinman, a resident in Woodbury, showed Hall text messages between herself and the utility where she repeatedly asks when the power will be turned back on, only to be given vague responses.

“We have been told, initially it was Saturday night at 11:00, then it was Sunday night at 9:00, then it was Monday at 1:45. It was Tuesday at 11:00, then now it's Tuesday night at 10:00. I don't believe any of them,” she tells WCBS 880.

Kleinman says she has a headache from circling back with the company so often – and what makes it even more frustrating is seeing that her neighbors just across the street from her do have power.

She says the majority of her neighbors on her side of the block have left to stay in hotels while they await the power to be turned back on, or some have gone to live with family for the time being.