Senator Calls On NYers To Enroll In COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

Sen. Brad Hoylman
Photo credit Courtesy of Sen. Brad Hoylman
By WCBS Newsradio 880

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — A New York-based clinical trial for a COVID-19 vaccine trial vaccine is already in phase 3 and Sen. Brad Hoylman was one of its many participants.

"You know, I felt good about it because as a New Yorker being in the epicenter of this pandemic means that a lot of us want to do something to try to beat coronavirus and by participating in a vaccine trial, it's one way we can help the greater good," Hoylman tells WCBS 880's Kristie Keleshian.

NYU Langone Health's COVID-19 vaccine trial can enroll up to 30,000 healthy participants and Hoylman is encouraging New Yorkers who qualify to participate.

"You could do your civic duty to help beat this virus. If you had COVID-19, donating plasma, and if you haven't, perhaps participating in a vaccine trial if you meet the requirements," said Hoylman, who got his trial vaccine on Monday. "It's important that if you're healthy and available to participate in a vaccine trial, it's a good way to show your support for all New Yorker."

He wasn't told whether it was a placebo or not and will have to go in again for a follow-up vaccine trial at the end of the month.

From there, like all participants, Hoylman said he will monitored for symptoms for the next two years.

“The development of a COVID-19 vaccine is our generation’s moonshot. As a staunch advocate for science-based health policy to combat vaccine-preventable illnesses, I’m proud to have done my part by joining a clinical trial for a COVID-19 vaccine at the Vaccine Center at NYU Langone Health," Hoylman said. "If this or other vaccine candidates are successful, we’ll be able to stem the human suffering caused by COVID-19, protect our front-line workers and vulnerable New Yorkers from infection, and hopefully soon resume our daily lives." 

NYU Langone Health said those 18 to 85 can qualify to participate.

More information is available at

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