Sweet Spot With Mike Sugerman: How To Fight A Parking Ticket… And Win

By WCBS Newsradio 880

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Fans of the Sweet Spot will remember about a month ago, Mike Sugerman was ticketed for allegedly parking too close to a fire hydrant. 

The law allows you to park 15 feet from a fire hydrant and the ticket claimed his car was parked 9 feet from the hydrant. After measuring the distance, step-by-step, Sugerman discovered he was within the legal distance.

So he decided to fight the ticket with the help of Christian Fama, co-owner of the app WINIT

Fama and his WINIT team go to court for you. If they win, you pay them half of what the penalty would have been. If they lose, you pay nothing. 

Sugerman recently checked back in with Fama, who had some good news for him.

"I'm happy to report we got some good news and we were able to win it for you," Fama told Sugerman.

He's among the former cops and parking officials who work for WINIT, arguing tickets for people in mostly delivery companies. 

There are about 20 pieces of information on the ticket -- date, time, location, etc. -- and if any of it is wrong, the ticket is invalid. And the WINIT team, which is comprised of former cops and parking officials arguing tickets on behalf of drivers and delivery companies, knows what to look for.

So Fama's advice if you get a ticket: fight it. 

"The best key to getting a ticket dismissed is to have a good defense and in part a good defense means providing good evidence to us to present to the judge," Fama said. 

New York City writes 10 million tickets a year and collects $550 million doing it. And they won't get a penny from Sugerman, as long as WINIT helps him beat the two more tickets he was issued since his last visit.