Bastian the dog can 'talk' to his owner using more than 50 words

Listen to the full interview from Bastian and his owner

Have you wondered if your dog is trying to tell you something?

If you have the right equipment, they can. Bastian is a dog who "talks" to his owners. He uses buttons that say words when he wants something.

Will this technology finally help us understand exactly how our dogs feel?

Bastian, a rescue dog who lives with owner Joelle Andres in New York, knows 51 words and talks to her on a daily basis.

That's right, he talks.

He's also famous on television and media across the world and Joelle AND Bastian joined KNX In-Depth Wednesday to talk.

Joelle explained how it came about and happened.

"We were all in lockdown in quarantine and we had learned about Christina Hunger, who is a speech pathologist, who started doing canine AAC, which stands for 'Augmentative and alternative communication' with her dog Stella and once we found out, like a lot of other dog and pet owners, we decided to try it with our own dog," she says.

She said they started with the "treat" button adding he likes to talk about walks, outside, hikes - things dogs like.

She said she has a background in special education. She explained how the word board works: the words are pre-recorded and the buttons are made by FluentPet.

Joelle says "we actually formed a group that is working with the University of California and they are trying to learn more about doggy cognition." She added the words are recorded in her own voice.

The FluentPet word board includes words like "frisbee," "ball," "walk," "bed," "come," "help" and many more words.

Words Bastian knows includes "walk," "fridge," "breakfast," "all done," "later," and more.

All photos and video are courtesy of Bastian the Talking Dog on Facebook and Bastian the Talking Terrier on Instagram.

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