New Jersey food bank stockpiling products as effects of pandemic continue

HILLSIDE, N.J. (WCBS 880) — The economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus has led to booming business for those who help feed the hungry.

“Demand is quite simply through the roof,” says Carlos Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is the president of the community Food Back of New Jersey, which is located in a massive warehouse about the size of five football fields.

The entire building is pack with food, that is all donated to people who are unable to feed themselves.

Normally, the building stays fully stocked, but Rodriguez says the pandemic has caused supply to move quicker than ever before.

“Normally if we stopped receiving food today, we'd be empty in four weeks. Now, we'd probably be empty in about two and a half weeks,” he tells WCBS 880.

Rodriguez says the demand is only growing in New Jersey.

“Before the pandemic, our plan was to distribute enough food for 51 million meals. Since the pandemic, we anticipate providing enough food for 80 million meals,” he explains.

With the economy still recovering at a sluggish pace, they’re trying to stockpile as much product as they can for the upcoming winter months.

“We're taking some steps on pre-buying product and having it available so we can continually release it as needed or as planned,” the food bank president explains.

However, Rodriguez says there are many concerns about keeping up with demand.

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