Rockland County requests more COVID-19 vaccine doses after supply runs dry

NEW CITY, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — Rockland County Executive Ed Day is seeking more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine after their supply ran dry.

By mid-week, the shelves were bare at the Rockland County Health Department.

Day said the county received 1,000 doses last week, which was administered in three days.

Based on that successful rollout, the county requested 2,000 more doses, but Day said they only received a fraction of that amount.

"We got 200 — 1/10th of what we requested," Day said. "That is unacceptable, and when you look at the numbers, it is unfair and it's just not right."

Day said he doesn't know when the state will send more.

"That is what is angering me and everybody here in Rockland County," he said.

The governor has blamed the federal government for the slow distribution.

Day believes suburban counties are getting shortchanged.

"It is completely illogical that we are getting only 200 doses under the guise of 'we're not getting enough from the federal government,'" Day said. "If we're getting 300,000 doses each week, we have enough to supply Rockland better, and not just Rockland, but the entire Lower Hudson Valley."

Day said he has heard of accounts of Rockland County residents going to the Bronx to get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski is calling on the state to set up a mass vaccination site in Rockland, similar to the one in White Plains.

Senior citizens have been calling his office complaining that they can't navigate the state's online vaccine portal, are unable to get an appointment at the regional facility in Westchester or that they can't find a vaccine providers in Rockland.

"I'd like a centralized system for appointments and a Rockland County center that is the main hub for vaccines, similar to the one we have in Westchester," he said. "I don't think this model of having various private providers get vaccines, sometimes, without an ability to know when and where and how is working. We need a state-run facility in Rockland County that is the major hub and then private partners can serve to augment that that system."

The assemblyman would like to see more doses from the federal government and more organization from the state.