High school opens grocery store for students that only accepts 'good deeds' as payment

By 98.7 KLUV

Recently, Linda Tutt High School in Sanger, Texas opened a grocery store right in the middle of the school.

The store was meant to provide a little extra food for Linda Tutt students and their families, but the store is unique in that it does not accept money as payment. No, the store only accepts "good deeds," CBS DFW reports.

School principal Anthony Love said of the innovative plan, "How often can a school say they have a grocery store inside their walls?"

"A lot of our students, they come from low socioeconomic families," he continued. "It’s a way for students to earn the ability to shop for their families. Through hard work you can earn points for positive office referrals. You can earn points for doing chores around the building or helping to clean."

The school was able to stock the extra room with groceries thanks to Texas Health, Albertsons, and First Refuge Ministries. The store also plans to hold food drives weekly for the community and act as a supplement to other food insecurity programs in the area.

Many hope that the idea can translate to other rural areas in the country. "It gives us a picture of what can be. So if we can do this inside other schools, it will do a whole lot to help other small towns," Paul Juarez, Executive Director of First Refuge Ministries said.

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