EF-2 Tornado forces dozens of families from homes in Texas, causes widespread damage

By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

The National Weather Service says it has confirmed a tornado hit parts of North Texas Tuesday night, leaving behind a line of damage in Arlington. Survey teams were scheduled to look at damage Wednesday to determine the strength of the tornado. Arlington Fire says 75 families were displaced.

Arlington Fire's Richard Fegan says they were called to seven reports of building collapses.

"We had crews originally responding on scene. Some of them ranged from partial collapses to awnings to roof saggings, but we had to go out to assess all the damage," he says.

Damage was reported at three apartment complexes. Two were near Center Street and Pioneer Parkway. The third was about a mile and half away, near Highway 360 and Park Row.

Wednesday morning, Pioneer Parkway was closed between Center and Collins.

At the Waterdance Apartments, one tenant says his apartment was not damaged, but the building directly behind him was.

"It's just tough. It's something I thought I would never get a chance to see," he says.

The roof was peeled back, damaging several cars.

"It's a disaster, but thank God nobody was hurt," another tenant said.

Fegan says several people were treated on scene for minor injuries. Three went to the hospital for evaluation but should be okay.

More than 2,500 customers lost power. Wednesday morning, Oncor reported that number was down to 1,400.

Crews from Oncor and Atmos Energy were working to clear bush and repair damage through the night.

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