TV Reporter Accidentally Records Showering Husband


In California, a TV reporter's husband made his television debut in a way he probably didn't expect. The reporter accidentally caught her man showering in the corner of her self-tape frame.

The coronavirus pandemic has left many reporters and TV personalities to get creative with the segments they film. Many are providing clips from the comfort of their own homes.

While filming a segment about how to cut your own bangs for Sacramento's KCRA3, Melinda Meza wasn't careful to check what else was in the shot before posting the video to the Internet.

Twitter users were quick to spot the figure in the background of her bathroom video, noticing that it was seemingly Mike de Lambert, Meza's husband of 16 years, taking a shower completely in the nude and on full display.

People quickly flooded to Twitter with their hot takes, many appalled that the jounalist didn't clock that her naked husband was in the shot she submitted to be on TV and ultimately, live on the internet forever.

"Hope her husband doesn't see this!" one user tweeted. Another chimed in, "Omg please let that not be her husband."

Meza isn't the only person who has shown off her digs to the world in an attempt to do her unique job from home. Jimmy Fallon has been airing at-home versions of his late night show for viewers, and many were shocked to learn that he has an in-house slide.

Connecting one floor to another, Fallon uses the slide in select segments to add a little extra flare to his episodes. Some even feature his family members.

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