Rapid Reaction: Three quick takeaways from Giants' 22-21 loss to Eagles


Another game against the Eagles, another heartbreaking loss in the waning moments for the Giants, who drop a 22-21 decision to the Birds in a game they led 21-10 with less than six minutes to go.

Here are three quick takeaways from the loss that dropped Big Blue to 1-6:

No. 1: Evan Engram’s less-than-excellent adventure
Daniel Jones threw another INT…on a pass that doinked off Evan Engram’s hands.
Luckily, Philly didn’t capitalize – but they did on the Giants’ final third-down play of the game, a seemingly inexplicable pass attempt that went just over the “outstretched” hands of Engram. Big Blue punted, Philly drove and scored, and you know the rest. You can maybe understand the thought – pass when they’re thinking run – but Engram’s effort seemed more “make a big play” than “get the ball and end the game.”

Engram is one of the most athletic tight ends in the league, and has all the tools to be a huge offensive weapon – as seen in his usage on end-around tosses – but his inconsistency, combined with his injury history, is incredibly maddening to many. He caught 6 for 46 on nine targets, but those three misses (well, two of them) are all anyone will remember about this game.

What makes his performance even more egregious is the knowledge that Richard Rodgers, the Eagles’ THIRD-STRING tight end, had six catches for 85 yards (including a huge catch on each of the final two drives), and fourth-stringer Hakeem Butler was the target on the fourth-and-goal incompletion that probably should have been a pass interference call.

No. 2: Danny Dimes is now Danny Flash, but still Danny Turnovers, too
Last week, when one of Daniel Jones’ runs topped out at a speed that made even Lamar Jackson look twice, everyone had a good laugh. They had another when he tripped and fell at the end of an 80-yard run that nearly wasn’t converted into points, but who’s laughing now: Jones’ 21.23 MPH top speed on that carry was the highest top speed by a QB since 2018. Jones has three of the top seven top QB speeds this season, and as good as Wayne Gallman looked in relief of Devonta Freeman, Jones might need to be more of a weapon in the run game if Freeman misses time. As long as he holds onto the ball…which he didn’t on the final drive, allowing Philly to seal the game.

No. 3: Bend, don't break...collapse
The officials did not have their best game in this one, but let’s be frank: when the going got tough, the Giants defense lost their discipline, and it cost them big time. For a D that bent but didn’t break for 54 minutes, they sure cracked like an egg in the final six.

Philly’s first touchdown drive in the fourth saw this three play stretch: sack that would have made it 3rd and 15 turned into a first down via illegal contact, 59-yard pass to John Hightower, 12 men on the field penalty giving the Eagles a 1st and 5. That drive saw six snaps, four of which saw the Giants D make a crucial mistake (counting the TD pass to Greg Ward as the fourth).

Then, on Philly’s final drive, the Giants’ special teams gave the Eagles a free 15 yards thanks to a helmet-to-helmet hit on punt returner DeSean Jackson, a 30-yard catch by Rodgers, a pass interference penalty that gave the Eagles nine free yards after a big play, and a third and goal stop nullified by pass interference. Carson Wentz’s TD to Boston Scott was just a ridiculous pass, but the Giants gave Philly 25 of the 86 yards they needed, plus an extra first down.

Bad teams find ways to lose games, and for the Giants, this fourth-quarter collapse was it. And now, they sit at 1-6, 1 ½ games behind Philly and Dallas with losses to both already, seemingly out of it in a division where no one is good, but someone has to be good enough.

Next up for Big Blue: 10 days off ahead of a Monday nighter against Tampa Bay on Nov. 2.

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