Security separates Kyrie Irving and Bam Adebayo from postgame jersey swap


The NBA’s tightened COVID protocols mimicked the “no touching” scene from Arrested Development on Saturday.

Following the Brooklyn Nets’ 128-124 win over the Miami Heat, Kyrie Irving went to exchange jerseys with Bam Adebayo after the game – a big no-no with the league’s new COVID-19 protocols in place.

As the two greeted each other and Adebayo began to take his jersey off, a security officer rushed over to get in between the two players and separate them – despite the fact that they were just in close contact with each other for the duration of a 48-minute basketball game.

It was certainly among the stranger sights we have seen since sports have returned among the coronavirus pandemic, but it is part of the league’s recent tightening of COVID-19 protocols as games around the league continued to be postponed due to outbreaks.

The NBA recently announced that it would forbid postgame handshakes and hugging, and earlier in the week the league released a memo that it would tighten its security measures to prevent these kinds of interactions.

Yet, with players already in close contact with one another during the game, it seems rather moot to limit the postgame interaction.

But until players can receive the vaccine, these protocols likely will remain in place.

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