Astronauts Are People Too: NASA's Mike Massimino Chats with with Brad Blanks

--Brad Blanks/101.1 CBS-FM

I zoomed into the living room of former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino to discuss the SPACE X and NASA launch today. Mike is born and bred Long Island and made it very clear that they have quite a few astronauts from the island. I said, “You are Long Island’s most favorite Astronaut.”

Mike quickly snapped back and said, “You just insulted about a dozen of them. New York is well represented for sure.”

Mike Massimino will be commentating the SPACE X NASA launch on the Discovery Channel as the Crew Dragon spacecraft is launched from American soil for the first time in 9 years. I asked him what sort of pep talk he would give me if I was being launched into space today.  

He replied, “in a kind way, don’t mess it up, we are all counting on you!” He then went on to say his message to astronauts going up for the first time would be, “You’re ready to go, we are trained as a crew, it’s an open book test if you need something you can ask for it!”

His final piece of advice to the astronauts going up today is, “Enjoy what you’re doing because it is absolutely extraordinary.”

I asked him what it is like when you return to earth after going through such a rare experience. He went on to tell a story about his wife picking him up and driving him home after returning to earth. He drove into his house and saw some shingles missing and voiced his concern to his wife. Mike said to her about getting a repairman,  “Why don’t you call the guy?”, and his wife replied, “You’re the guy, you do it.”

Welcome back to earth. He concluded, “We are regular people…..but it’s much simpler in space!” ‘

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The launch is scheduled for 4.33pm.