WATCH: 'Tiger King' Star Rick Kirkham Discusses His Experience + Future Plans with Brad Blanks


-Brad Blanks/101.1 CBS-FM

The TV series TIGER KING debuted on Netflix a week into the current coronavirus lockdown and has become the hottest show in the world. The docu-series’ characters have become famous, with the feud between Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin turning into one of the great discussion points of ZOOM happy hours all over the world.
Did Carol murder her first husband? Is Joe Exotic really that crazy?

One man who comes out of the show with not much left to his name was TV producer and former Inside Edition reporter, Rick Kirkham. Rick went to the Greater Wynwood Exotic Animal Park to turn Joe Exotic into TV reality star. Instead, he drank too much and was pulled into the brainwashed web of the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic.

Rick now lives in Norway, is happily married, and is telling HIS story this Saturday on a PAY-PER-VIEW event featured HERE. I chatted with Rick in the lead up to this opportunity for him to go deeper and, “what went on in the zoo, things the documentary didn’t go into.”

When I asked him about the power of Joe Exotic and the big cats, he explained “there's a certain thing about holding big cats in your hands…. You start to realize you’re not at the top of the food chain… there’s a very cultish feeling that takes over.” I then pressed Rick about him being pulled in by the power of the big cats and he says, “I was sucked in as well. And then Joe figures out how to suck you in more.”

OK, but does Rick really think Joe paid someone to kill Carol Baskin? He didn’t hold back: “I have no doubt at all because he asked me on one occasion to kill her myself. -- 'I’ll make a rich man of the first person that gets rid of Carol down there!'”

In my time with Rick, I was blown away by his candor and opinions on Joe Exotic and the zoo itself. He promises more in his live event beamed around the world at 2 pm EST on Saturday. There’s more madness he says... And if you have a question, don’t be afraid to #asktigerrick. For all that he has been through, he seemed cheekily proud of becoming a hashtag, “Ask Tiger Rick, that’s what I’m going to be known as... 'hashtag Ask Tiger Rick.' C'mon, I'm not the Tiger King, I was the poor guy that was abused by the Tiger King on video.”

With one more episode of Tiger King dropping on Netflix this weekend, let’s hope Rick doesn’t get abused any more than what we have already seen!

A very entertaining guy to chat with. Watch the full chat below...