Brad Blanks and TMZ Boss Harvey Levin Talk 'Tiger King' Tales for New FOX Special

-Brad Blanks/Scott Shannon in the Morning

Fans of the show Tiger King can’t stop talking about it. Did Carole Baskin kill her first husband and feed him to her lions? Was Joe Exotic entrapped for a crime that he was never going to do?  Harvey Levin and his team at TMZ have worked hard and fast to create a show airing Monday night on FOX, TMZ INVESTIGATES: TIGER KING – WHAT REALLY WENT DOWN?
I caught up with Harvey this afternoon to chat about the elements of the Tiger King story that have been left unanswered. I asked him if the characters from Tiger King were a gift from the TMZ Gods, he said, “We did this show in six days if you view it as a gift, it’s a gift that almost killed me.”

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Talking about TMZ’s investigative strategy he said, “we contact people trying to understand the story and then see where it leads us.” Harvey went on to say that the Sheriff in Tampa has opened the case into the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s first husband. Harvey said, “He is suspicious of Carole, but she is not a person of interest, but more people are involved.” 

As for Joe Exotic going to jail for the attempted murder of Carol. Harvey, a qualified lawyer himself, alluded that there are many cracks in the case that put Joe Exotic in prison with the obvious one being entrapment. I asked him if Joe just had a terrible lawyer and he asked me back, “Brad if you were intending on killing someone how many people would you tell?”   Underlining the overwhelming big mouth on Joe Exotic, who told everyone that he wanted Carole Baskin dead!

I had to ask Harvey, who knows TV, why is this show a hit?  Harvey replied, “It’s so bizarre…it’s a classic true crime story, there are serious crimes that are mysteries and you combine that with the characters, it’s obvious!” 

Maybe also the fact we are all on lockdown, and somehow that squirrelly little gay, gun-toting, big cat hugging, red neck just makes you laugh and think about something else. Trainwreck TV with a bit of true crime thrown in!