Music Industry Reportedly Considering 'Bubble Festivals' For 2021-2022

Leaving the bubble would result in being denied re-entry

Some sports leagues, like the NBA, MLS, and NHL for example, have successfully restarted thanks to a "bubble" model.  Could the same apply to the music festival scene?

These "bubbles" as they're called are controlled environments where players, staff, and all of the employees involved in creating a safe and professional game are tested regularly for COVID-19. Players and staff can enter when proven healthy and are forbidden to exit until their allotted time in the venue has run its course.

With the myriad of health risks related to gatherings of large crowds, music industry officials are now reportedly considering a similar model for concerts and festivals in 2021 and 2022.

Festival news and rumor-mongers The Festive Owl has dropped some hints at what's being discussed -- bubble festivals where artists and attendees are tested or show that they've received proper vaccination (if one exists by then), and are allowed to enter the venue or festival grounds. Patrons would reportedly be unable to leave the area, resort, campground, or another venue where the established bubble is until the event is over.

Leaving the bubble, a confirmed "clean" area where an outbreak could not occur due to the safety measures in place, would result in being denied re-entry. 

Several major events promoters are reportedly in talks, as all 2020 plans continue to be canceled or indefinitely postponed at the very least.

Of course, another alternative could be to wear one of these awesome spacesuits to future shows.

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