WATCH: Deep-sea fish devours a whole shark in rare video


Deep-sea divers were given an in-person lesson on the circle of life.

Researchers off the coast of South Carolina couldn’t believe their luck when they captured a rare video of sharks feasting on lunch, only to become lunch themselves mere moments later.

The video was captured by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The video initially shows a group of deep-sea sharks feasting on a dead swordfish.

"The cause of the death of this majestic animal is unclear, perhaps owing to age, disease, or some other injury," says marine scientist Peter J. Auster from the University of Connecticut.

The underwater creatures seem to be enjoying their meal when a massive sized grouper fish swallows one of the sharks whole.

Grouper fish, also referred to as a stone bass or bass groper, can exceed 7 feet in length, and usually live around deep water caves and shipwrecks, according to

The video was taken at a depth of 450 meters while a group of marine scientists were searching for the wreck of the oil tanker SS Bloody Marsh.

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