Patrick Duffy and ‘Happy Days’ actress Linda Purl are dating: ‘I never thought I’d feel this way again’


Love is in the air.

Patrick Duffy, best known for his role in “Dallas,” has fallen in love with “Happy Days” actress Linda Purl, People reports.

“I’m in an incredibly happy relationship,” the actor shared. “I never thought for a minute this would happen again. I never thought I’d feel this way again.”

Duffy, the 71-year-old actor, was previously married to ballet dancer Carlyn Rosser for more than forty years until she died of cancer in 2017. The couple shared sons Padraic, who is 46, and Conor, who is 40-years-old.

“My wife and I, in 48 years we were always together,” Duffy said.

For the 65-year-old actress, she was married four times. Purl’s first marriage was to Desi Arnaz, Jr. She has one son from her third marriage.

While getting used to life without a partner, the grandfather of four shared that he unexpectedly fell in love again during quarantine.

Both Purl and Duffy had been friends but lost touch throughout the years. During the coronavirus lockdown, they were group texting with other friends. As time went by, the two of them began chatting with each other.

“I loaded up my car and drove 20 hours and ended up on her doorstep just to see if it was real,” Duffy said. “We haven’t been apart since.”

Since losing his wife, Duffy shared that Rosser would want him to find happiness in his life.

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