Pizza Hut delivery man gifted with new car as tip from loyal customers


A pizza delivery man got the tip of a lifetime.

Robert Peters has been delivering pizzas for Pizza Hut in Tipton, Indiana for more than 30 years.

While some family members have suggested he should find a “more financially stable” profession, Peters has expressed the joy he gets from the job.

“It's my purpose in life — trying to make people happy,” he told CBS News. “You know, when you're delivering to somebody, you may be the only face they see all day.”

While his attitude keeps him going, Peters’ 28-year-old car has seen better days.

The delivery man shared the problems his 1993 Oldsmobile was giving him to one of his most loyal regular customers, Tanner Langley, who then came up with a way to help.

Langley started a GoFundMe campaign to help buy Peters a new car for his years of service to the local community.

“This community has a countless number of amazing citizens, but there are few people in this world that fill a room with smiles and happiness more than Robert Peters,” Langley wrote on the campaign’s website..”Robert has been delivering pizzas in the same car for a plethora of years, and I think it is about time that he gets an upgrade to his current vehicle!”

He initially set the goal for $12,000 and within two days received more than $18,000.

"That's the type of impact he has on people," Langley said in regards to the overwhelming support for Peters.

Earlier this month, Langley gifted Peters a 2017 red Chevy Malibu, a $500 gas card, and paid for the insurance, registration and taxes.

Peters was overcome with gratitude for the generosity Langley and the community showed him.

"I just hope that all those who made this happen will be blessed as much as they have blessed me," Peters told Good Morning America. "This has really been an awesome experience that I'll remember for the rest of my life."

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