Dara’s top five icebox / refrigerator cookie recipes

Chocolate Chip Cookies
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What do you call that sort of cookie made from dough you make in advance, roll into a log, keep in the refrigerator, and slice and bake when the time is right? Icebox cookies! Or refrigerator cookies.   My favorite. I think I’ve done a version of this recipe round-up every year I’ve been on the radio, and I know you love them, so here they are for 2019! Merry Christmas, all. My gift to you is all my love, and the opportunity to make your house smell terrific with refrigerator cookie baking!

5. Spicy Mexican Chocolate Icebox Cookies 

If you want to get a little avant-garde on your cookie situation, do this: Make spicy chocolate cookies with a bit of cayenne.  Last year I got a Facebook message asking if you could use chipotle or ghost peppers. I say yes to chipotle, but if you’re going to use ghost peppers that’s more like a Christmas prank, not a Christmas joy!

4. Triple Ginger Ginger Snaps

I do not like wimpy ginger cookies. These ginger cookies are not wimpy—they’re downright fierce. Fresh ginger, crystallized ginger, and good old-fashioned dried ground ginger come together for a ka-pow of super ginger gingery gingeriffic ginger cookie!   These are good. 

3. Midnight Cookies

Do you like a cookie recipe which starts with a pound of chocolate? I do. I like any recipe which explores the outer limit of how much chocolate you can cram into a cookie. The answer is a whole lot!  A whole whole lot.

2. Pistachio Cranberry Icebox Cookies

This recipe is sort of the holy grail of cookie recipes at Christmas – because its green and red and white and gets that color purely from natural ingredients. And it’s got antioxidants in it because of the cranberries and pistachios! It’s a miracle recipe basically.  You can make these into rectangles or squares too, and then they look like presents!

1. Pinwheel cookies! 

How I love them. You know pinwheel cookies right? You take a chocolate layer of cookie dough, a vanilla layer, roll them up together, then slice through—when I go to cookie exchanges they get so many oohs and ahs. The very best recipe in all the land is this one from Fine Cooking – they put a little espresso powder in with the chocolate, which makes it taste more chocolatey

BONUS COOKIES for specialized diets! 

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

I know a bunch of you are on special diets these days, so I wanted to share a recipe from the wonderful Maria Emmerich, our local keto-guru. 

King Arthur Gluten Free Sugar Cookies 

I really like the King Arthur gluten-free flour, it has a lightness and it’s not too gummy. A friend of mine makes and decorates their sugar-cookie recipe, and I think it’s really special—and tastes entirely traditional!