Laura Oakes One Cool Thing: Science Museum IMAX Film

Cave Diving
Photo credit (Getty Images / Wojciech-P)

This week, we're descending into the world of cave diving, with Laura Oakes' "One Cool Thing"!

Q: So this week's One Cool Thing is not exactly for the claustrophobic.....

A: Oh no. Ancient Caves is the newest IMAX/digital film from the Science Museum of Minnesota, taking viewers deep into the crevices of the earth with some pretty brave--or some might call crazy-- cave divers. These are not your average, above-ground caves, but underwater caves where you honestly feel like you're right in there with the divers, squeezing through cracks in the rocks, breathing their oxygen tanks, navigating the darkest of dark with a flashlight, and clutching their guide lines that keep them from getting lost in the abyss!

Q: What research is going on in these caves?

A: It's climate change-related research, conducted by Paleoclimatologist Dr. Gina Moseley. She retrieves and studies stalagmites in these underwater caves that take us back a half-million years, tracking what has happened to the climate over time. She is absolutely amazing and it was such an honor to meet her at the opening of Ancient Caves earlier this month. I LOVED and was transfixed by this film and the making of it as you'll hear in my interview with its Executive Producer Mike Day below.

Q: How can people see it?