Frey shouted down at northeast Minneapolis protest


Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey attended a protest in northeast Minneapolis on Saturday and remained outspoken about his stance on the protestors call to abolish the police. 

When Frey was asked if he was for abolishing the police department his answer was short, “no.” 

“I'm gonna be honest about that,” Frey said as protestors chanted “resign” at the mayor through megaphones. 

“Although there are many people that are upset, this is part of my job to hear it and lean into it,” Frey said. “I understand the anger, I understand the sadness.” 

“My goal was just to be with community,” Frey said. “They asked me to come up there and so I did.” 

While members of the crowd shouted their disapproval, Frey explained that he wants to see change in the Minneapolis Police Department and wants the community's help in creating that change. 

“Let's channel this anger and sadness into deep seeded structural reform that we know has been a long time coming,” Frey said. 

Frey was eventually chased off by protestors for sharing his comments on not wanting to abolish the police. 

The audio link below is from the interview that Mayor Frey gave to WCCO radio’s Eric Nelson.

Warning: This audio clip contains graphic content.